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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


"Ask,and it shall be given you"
"Seek, and you shall find."
"Knock.and it shall be opened to you."
Ask! That is the first requirement . How often we find that our prayers for certain are answered quite often after we ask them,simply because we ask God for them. Let us see When Peter was locked up in a prison for preaching the Gospel, ( Acts 12.5 )Here the passage in the Bible says the " the very same night " whey the believers were in their pryers ,God sent an angel to the jail ,broke their chains and led Peter safely uot of the prison.
Second-------- Seek and you shall find;;
Whosoever not only prays ....but diligently ..sooner or later finds what his soul seeks for. Keep seeking ..Yet the second seek is more intense than the first Ask
Keep seeking and you shall find..
In the parable of Unjust Judge ++ Luke 18.1-8 Even the poor widow can plead with a judge that he may hear her cause and deliver her from her adversaries and give her justice.People do not pray trough But when God's people really do pray then they can have revival can have protection,provision anointing of the Holy Ghost

Third-- Knock, and it shall be opened to you..

Charles Spurgeon said that these prayers are on an ascending scale
It is said firs t we ask; I believe that he refers to that prayer a mere statement of our wants ... But as we learn the art of prayer we go on further to seek;; and if the blessing comes not we then rise to the knock point...knocking .. we are not content with asking and giving reasons,but we throw the whole earnestness of our being into our requests and practice the text
Christianity is a miracle religion