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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas++Giving God

Merry Christmas for all of YOU.
Let me share that The Creator of Heaven and Earth had created all that is available for us by HIS WORD from nothing.YEt HE had made Adam for the dust with HIS Own Hands.HE breathed LIFE into Adam and made him alive in HIS own image.Adam's came into existence to take care of the GOD'S creation for the Glory of HIS Creator-Our Lord.As Adam is incharge of his duties GOD found Adam bored and thought of giving a helper-EVE for Adam.So GOD made Adam to sleep and operated.God took some flesh and bone/s to make Eve.Both Adam & Eve Were jointly looking at the Eden garen and at a later time got deceived by the serpent satan.They both were thrown out for their destiny.YEt GOD blessed them to be fruitful & fillthis earth with their offsprings.
People gone astray and come fallshort of GOD's glory.GOD came to this earth to give peace to all on this earth.HE came thru virgin Mary's womb where Joseph did not know mary and name the baby boy " J E S U S ".Thus

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