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Thursday, April 17, 2014

In the year 1993, Microsoft R & D facility in the City of Hyderabad ,India

In the year 1993-- Microsoft R & D facility in City of Hyderabd ,India During 1992--1993 I was undergoing Polytechnic--Mining Apprenticeship at Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited -- Barytes Project Site.(( barium sulphate penta hydroxide )). At that time I had a chance to come in contact with a Christian family head Late Mr.Y.S . Raja Reddy, the father of Late Dr. Y. S Raja Sekhar Reddy ( former chief minister of the state of (( Government )) of Andhra Pradesh -- in India.. We used to discuss several issues under the sun.. Contemporary christian values, inside & outside the church.. ways to enrich the christian life/work for the glory of God. I had brought to their kind notice of Late Y.S. Raja Reddy & Late Y. S. Raja Sekar Reddy that the mathematics curriculum of the Andhra University was the second best standard course in india. .. Discussed how the students of Andhra University & its affliated colleges are being bennifted..Collected enough material from College Principals of that time in the Andhra University area to be submitted to the Former Prime Minister of India.. I had alerted, it will be a worthy news to share this good news with the then (( year 1993 ))Late Former Prime Minister of India (( Late P.V. Narasimha Rao )) & realise its full potential inside & outside india .. I had proposed that this good news be shared with some nation heads . Mr. Bill Clinton responded on almost daily basis with the former prime minister of india, to unleash the potential of our mathematics students in india.. I had asked why can't american universites partner with andhra university & unleashing maths to next level.. I was told that We received immediate responses from some western unviersities on the behest of Mr . Bill Clinton Later , I had prosposed to get-in touch with Mr. Bill Gates to establish his Research & Development Centre branch in the city of Hyderabad in the State of Andhra Pradesh-- India For a month are so, they had several apprehensions about opening a new chapter in India particularly about I P R infringements.. After some discussion between the then ( in the year 1993 ))Former Prime Minister of India(( Late P.V.Narasimha Rao )) ,Former American President Mr. Bill Clinton & Mr Bill Gates we received favourable news that Mr Bill Clinton will come to the city of Hyderabad,, India to ascertain ways to open Microsoft's new R & D center at the city of Hyderabad , India

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